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Rental tents and gear for camping in japan!

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If you want to enjoy camping with friends or family in Japan, or if you want to camp in Japan's beautiful nature, such as the autumn foliage in Kamikochi, we recommend renting camping gear from Tanabe Sports!


You can use the camping gears of Japanese popular brand.

High-quality camping gear at friendly prices!

Tanabe Sports strives to ensure that you can rent camping equipment at prices that are lower than other shops!

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You can easily rent camping gear!

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At Tanabe Sports, you can rent not only tents but also tarps, lanterns, camping chairs, tables, sleeping bags, and camping mats.

2Select dates

Please select your preferred delivery date from the calendar on the item page. The rental period is based on 4 days and 3 nights.


3Choose quantity

You can set the quantity of items on the cart page.


4Decide on the delivery address

Delivery is limited to within Japan.
If you want to ship to a hotel or campsite, please inform them in advance that items will be sent to them and that return arrangements need to be made through Sagawa Express.

5Make the payment

6Receive the items


7Enjoy camping


8Return the items

We include a return shipping label from Sagawa Express with the shipped items. When returning the items, please either request a pickup from Sagawa Express using that label or ask the hotel or campsite to handle the return procedure for you.